Morkie Vs Chihuahua Which Is Better Dog for Child Friendly

August 14, 2018
Morkie Vs Chihuahua, Morkie, Chihuahua

So you’ve made up your mind on getting a small dog for your child? Well, that’s about one of the best decisions that time will prove to you was right. However there is one problem, you’re torn on whether to go with the Morkie vs Chihuahua.

Before we can get to that, keep in mind that getting dogs are great for kids as they teach them responsibility. Besides responsibilities, your child will also master the art of patience as she/he trains it to walk on a leash, relieve itself outside, and many other commands. To sum it up, dogs are a man’s best friend and a child’s partner and your children get to enjoy a diverse array of benefits from having a dog.

However, it is easy to assume just because you love Chihuahuas and they are small they will be great partners to your kids but unfortunately that is not always the case. Just because a dog is small doesn’t mean it will get along with your young toddler.

That is why we are here to discuss the A to Z of the most popular toy breeds, the Chihuahua and the Morkie to help you gain insight on whether they are suitable to have around your child.



The Chihuahua

Whenever there is mention of small dogs or toy breeds, you can never go too deep into the conversation without hearing the name Chihuahua. This is because the little charming dog leads in the list of the world’s smallest dogs. Take a look at more info about the Chihuahua below.


  • Origin

Similar to many other breeds, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the Chihuahua but history has it that the small adorable toy breed dates back to the early 1800s and was originally discovered in China before Mexico and Spanish traders came with it to Mexico. However, it rose to prominence after it was discovered in 1850 by American visitors in Chihuahua Mexico which is where it got its name.

The Americans carried it back to America but it was only until five decades later that the Chihuahua was first registered by the American kennel club. Back then, the Chihuahua was short-haired but after cross-breeding between the Pomeranian and Pillions, the long-haired Chihuahua came to be and became one of the most popular dog breeds ranking 11th among the most popular dogs.


  • Height-Color-Weight and Lifespan

Even though there is a vast array of Chihuahua breeds, the average height ranges between 12 and 15 inches while the standard and also the most ideal weight for a Chihuahua is supposed to be 3-6 pounds. As mentioned earlier, the original Chihuahua was smooth or short-haired but after cross-breeding, the long-haired one came to be. So there are two varieties of these. As for colors, the Chihuahua comes in almost all colors from Orange to even pink. It is thanks to this that the American Kennel club categorizes them in two groups, either splashed or solid color. If well taken care of, a Chihuahua can live up to 10 to 18 years.


  • Character/Temperament

Chihuahua’s temperament can be described as saucy, meaning she has that larger-than-life personality which makes it appealing for almost every adult even those who are not dog lovers. It loves having fun and is ever busy hence it is no surprise that you’ll find Chihuahuas all over the mall with the owner as it loves following people.

Whether you are cooking in the kitchen, watching a movie in the living room, if you are planning to be a Chihuahua owner brace yourself because this little toy breed will follow you all over.

They are also incredibly affectionate and loyal to the owner and have terrier-like attitudes hence are exceptionally attached to the owner but this can be solved through training. Additionally, they are affectionate and intelligent and easily learn commands.

However, due to their hyper nature, small size, and the fact that they love to explore, it is easy for them to escape through small openings so always be on the lookout by ensuring there are no openings in your yard that they can escape through.

They are also easy prey for hawks and other big birds so don’t leave them unattended. Additionally, they never back down from other dogs hence this might pose a problem if they are faced by a bigger aggressive dog so ensure you’re with your Chihuahua while outdoors.


  • Health Problems

Generally, Chihuahuas are a healthy breed but as always there are a few health concerns that you should be on the lookout for always. For the Chihuahua, most of these are genetic such as hydrocephalus. This condition is characterized by too much fluid on the chihuahua’s brain and unfortunately, it is fatal.

In cases the head of your Chihuahua to increase in size so if you note anything similar to this ensure you take it to the vet as soon as possible. Other genetic conditions include hypoglycemia, obesity, and also eye infections. Additionally, due to their size, most female Chihuahuas either die or lose the puppies while giving birth, so ensure you assist or seek assistance from the vet for your Chihuahua when its giving birth.




The Morkie

The Morkie is another adorable tiny fluff ball dog. It is a mix between the Maltese and the Yorkie hence the name Morkie. Unlike the Chihuahua, the Morkie hasn’t been here long and was first bred in the US. Ever since it was first bred the morkie was always meant to be a lap dog thus we can say it has had the good life ever since it made its first step on Mother Nature.


  • Height-Color-Weight-Lifespan

As a crossbreed, most of the qualities of the Morkie are based on its original parents. It has a long soft flowing non-shedding coat similar to the Maltese and grows up to 12 inches but the standard height is between 6 and 9. It comes in different color variants such as silver-gray, solid beige, black, and tan or even in some cases if you’re lucky you can come across one with three colors. Most Morkies weigh 7-8 lbs. and if you give it proper care it can live up to 16 years.


  • Character/Temperament

If you’ve ever been a Yorkie owner then it will be easy for you to note that the temperament of the Morkie is almost similar to the Yorkie. It is a very confident and brave breed but loyal and incredibly attached to its owner. Even though tiny, Morkies are overprotective of the owners and will not shy away from barking at strangers.

it is a good indoor dog for anyone looking for a small adorable dog but not suitable for kids as they are fragile and will not keep up with your child’s rough play.


  • Health Problems

Similar to the Chihuahua, most of the health concerns to be on the lookout for are genetic hence be sure to consider your pup’s lineage before purchasing one. Some of the most common include hypoglycemia, glaucoma, reverse sneezing, patella luxation, tracheal collapse and several others.



Which one is Cheaper to Care for the Chihuahua or the Morkie?

Again as tiny dogs, It doesn’t take hundreds of dollars to take care of the morkie or the Chihuahua. They are relatively affordable. Just ensure that you bathe them at least once a week if they are more indoor rather than outdoor dogs. Use a mild shampoo designed for dogs.

You can even use baby shampoo as it is also mild. This helps dehydrate the skin. You can bathe them from the sink or dishpan as they are tiny. Ensure you rinse them well and as for the Morkie use a mild conditioner to prevent its smooth coat from tangling then later use a hairdryer to dry him properly but set it on low heat to prevent burning your pooch’s skin.

Ensure that you also brush their teeth frequently to prevent bad breath problems and clip the nails. The Chihuahua often shivers when it’s cold so you might have to look for doggie clothes to keep it warm.



Best Feeding Habits: The Morkie Vs The Chihuahua

The advantage of toy breeds is that they are incredibly easy to care for and not costly. Both of them need at least three meals a day composed of at least 20% fat, 30% protein, and at least 4% fiber. However, Morkies eat a lot of food and if you leave a bag of food open don’t be surprised to find it gone and your Morkie lying down unable to move.

On the other hand, Chihuahuas are picky eaters thus try out different brands to see which one your Chihuahua prefers or eats more. For both, avoid processed foods that are meant for humans such as pepperoni, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, and instead go for more natural if you must offer them human food.



Conclusion: Which is a better dog for Child Friendly morkie Vs Chihuahua?

None of the above. You see both the Chihuahua and the morkie are toy breeds. That makes it easy for your child to hurt or injure them during play as children can be reckless while playing. Additionally, if a child is too young, a Chihuahua or a morkie will likely perceive them as a playmate resulting in nipping, biting, and scratching hence hurting your kids.

Therefore even though these two breeds pack a punch of adorable and cuteness overload, they are more suitable for teenage kids and adults who are able to handle them like the fragile breeds that they are. When it comes to other animals, the Morkie is friendly while the Chihuahua is not unless trained from its puppyhood.


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