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Best 5 Morkie Dog Crate Reviews 2024

September 3, 2018
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Pets have become part of human existence and many people currently prefer pets as their best companion. Gone are the days where children needed toys for a companion. Most of them are today getting along well with a lively pet, and one of the best pets to have around is a dog. There are many dog breeds around but if you want a small, lively, and family-oriented dog, it could be no other than morkie. Morkies develop a strong bond with the owners, and that’s something you need to worry about because he can poop anywhere thereby becoming an embarrassment, not only to you but also to those visiting. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because you can choose the best morkie dog  crate for housebreaking.

If you don’t know which one to go for, relax as we care so much about you, and here is a list that will help you make an informed decision.


Introduce Best Morkie Dog Crate

  1. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Perfect for training, Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is one of the best tools for your Morkie’s training and traveling. It comes with a tough durable construction with wire vents on the sidewalls, easy to open squeeze latch, well-installed, and an interior moat that keeps your morkie dry. It’s easy to assemble and no tools required and you don’t require any technical knowledge meaning that anyone can assemble it successfully.


  • It meets the requirements of IATA and USDA for shipping live animals
  • Comes with 360degrees ventilation for fresh air to ensure your morkie gets a healthy airflow
  • Comes with a durable wire door that keeps your morkie in and allows you to access it with ease
  • Comes with a heavy-duty plastic shell that provides s durability, strength, and safety
  • It’s portable making it perfect for trips

Users have praised this product and there is a reason why you need it too. Morkies are family-oriented dogs and when left alone, they suffer from separation anxiety.

This means that they can tear everything starting with your couch to your mattress and cloths as a way of relieving himself, but with a Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel, he will be confined until you return and this also ensures that he does not poop everywhere.

It comes with an environmentally friendly plastic material that’s easy to clean and wipe down. It has convenient tie-down strap holes that give you an opportunity to zip-tie the kennel together thereby adding security features.

Before buying the kennel, you should understand that they come in different sizes. Morkies are generally small and the size you choose for the kennel must be 3-4 inches taller and longer than your pet, as this will give him enough space to turn around, stand up, and lie down comfortably.

Too large kennel might make your morkie to use the bathroom in his space, and too small will make him uncomfortable.

  1. Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel – Assorted Colors

Perfect for housebreaking, Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel is comfortable for your morkie in addition to being secure. It comes with a unique top-loading door that helps you as the owner to place and remove your morkie from the carrier with ease.

Both top and front doors are made from steel and come with an easy-squeeze latch that allows convenient access and helps your dog to get in easily in case he needs to poop or relieve his bladder.


  • Its one of the dog crates that your morkie will definitely love
  • Comes with various design options thus making it easy for you to choose the one that suits you
  • The sturdy plastic walls enhance the security of your morkie
  • Has a clear visibility and you can watch your morkie with ease
  • The kennel bottom is spacious and you can easily add a kennel pad for cushion

Previous users have praised this product as the best housebreaking tool for your morkie. The front door helps your dog to get in with an ease and after relieving himself, he gets out easily.

Besides, it’s perfect to carry your morkie to the vet for grooming or vaccination. It comes with numerous ‘breathing holes’ that supplies enough air for your dog, and most importantly, it’s easy to assemble.

Before buying, the most important thing to put into consideration is the size of your dog. Opt for a kennel that’s not too big or too small for your morkie.

In other words, the kennel should allow your morkie to stand up, lie down, and turn around with an ease.

  1. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table

Perfect for housebreaking, Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table is suited for people who care so much about fashion because it’s very attractive.

It’s made from the best wooden cages and a sturdy and long-lasting rubber wood. It can act like furniture meaning that you can put it next to your couch and your morkie will always be near you.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and sturdy thus guaranteeing the security of your morkie
  • Its versatile and can be used as an end table in your room
  • Comes with a waterproof floor that’s easy to clean when your morkie poops
  • Its stain and rust resistant thus perfect for indoors and outdoors

Previous users have praised this wooden pet crate thanks to its versatility and simplicity especially when assembling. If looking for a morkie dog crate that will add elegance to your house and at the same time gives your lovely pet a home, this is the perfect crate for you.

It’s well ventilated and the door rotates inside making it easy for your morkie to get in and out.

Before buying this wooden crate, consider the decor of your house as well as the color of your furniture. Also, it’s very important to consider the size of your morkie and choose something that’s big enough and comfortable with your dog.

  1. Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

Finding a comfortable and portable crate is not always a walk in the park but you can never go wrong by choosing Petnation Port-A-Crate for your morkie.

It comes with a soft cover that’s easy to clean, and it’s also well-ventilated making it a catch among other crates.


  • Comes in different sizes for dogs that range from 10 to 70 pounds
  • It’s portable making it ideal for long and short outings
  • Comes with a durable and breathable weaved fabrics
  • Comes with carrying straps for flexibility
  • Made from non-toxic materials making it safe for your morkie
  • It’s easy to carry in your car as you can fold it down flat

According to previous users, Petnation Port-A-Crate is quite a catch as it’s made of sturdy material and you don’t have to worry that your morkie will bite through the cloth.

Besides, it’s collapsible and thus, you can transport it from one place to another and store it away when needed. The fact that it’s made of soft materials and has few rigid parts makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Before deciding to buy Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets, it’s important to consider the size as its all that matters. Buy a crate comfortable for your morkie to turn around, stand up and lie down anytime he wants to.

  1. Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate | iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates

If you’re looking for a convenient, secure and safe pet home for your morkie, you can never go wrong by choosing iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates.

This metal dog crate comes with a free divider panel that allows you to adjust the size as your morkie grows, to make it accommodate until your dog becomes of age. It comes with a plastic leak proof pan that makes it easy to clean in case of an accident.


  • Comes with a sturdy carrying handle for portability
  • Comes with roller feet on the bottom that protects your floor, making it ideal to keep in your living room
  • Easy to assemble

According to the previous users, this crate is durable and easy to install making it perfect to travel with. It comes with a removable plastic tray that makes it easy to clean, and the divider makes the crate exceptional as you can adjust as your morkie grows.

The buying decision is based on the size of your dog. It’s important to buy a crate that will accommodate your dog and ensure that he can stand up, move around, and lie down with comfort.

Final Thoughts

Morkie is a family oriented dog that’s easy to keep and enjoyable to play with. In most cases, you will find him lying on your laps wagging his tails. He loves it when he seats next to you and bonds well with the owner.

Therefore, crate training is very crucial for your morkie as it’s the only way to teach him how to behave the way you want. The above crate list will help you to make your informed decision based on your preferences

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