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7 Signal Morkie Dog Food Allergies Affected Sign

August 16, 2018
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A morkie is a tiny but adorable dog breed that is so passionate about people and also get along well with other pets. They have huge appetites but that doesn’t mean you kill him with food. You should always ensure that you serve him as recommended by your vet or pet food manufacturer. Most people decide to feed their morkies with store-bought pet food that meets their dietary requirements and also contain the necessary nutrients for their dog’s growth. And just like their human counterparts, morkies can be allergic to food substances which can begin at any age. Some of the common symptoms of morkie dog food  allergies, include hair loss, difficulty breathing, itchy skin, problems with gastrointestinal system among others. If you are not sure on how to tell that your morkie is suffering from food allergy, here are the signs you should look for.



Sign For Morkie Dog Food Allergies


  1. Chronic Ear Infections

A morkie is a small dog that loves to play with people and as the owner, you can easily detect if he is suffering from food allergy by checking his ears. Frequent ear infections that call you to treat him two or three times a year is a clear sign that he is suffering from food allergy. However, ear mites and yeast infections are a common cause of ear infections but if it persists all the year round, it is an indication of food allergy. This results in yeasty stinky ears with black build-up. Your morkie will shake his head from time to time and scratches his irritated ear.

  1. Red, Brown Nail Beds

As you play with your small morkie, you can have a glimpse of his nails and if you notice this red, bronze or brown nail beds, he is suffering from food allergy. The base of the nails may appear red or bloody which is a sign of an inflammatory immune response. If your morkie has white nails, they should remain white with a pink quick. If otherwise, you realize that his nail bed is brown, red, or red-brown, it could be the food allergy. In addition, nails are sensitive and itchy and if he licks them off, it is a sign of food allergy.

  1. Bronze Around the Lips

Morkies are small dogs easy to play around with. At times, he will come all over you and would want to lick your face. If that happens, you can easily watch his lips and if you notice a bronze around them, it could be a sign of allergy. Basically, the bronze on his lips indicates a yeast colonization triggered by food allergens. If his lips are red or pink and itchy, it could signify food allergy.

  1. Itchy Skin, Dull Coat, and Red Underbelly

Developing a long-lasting bond with your morkie makes it easier for you to realize any change as it comes by. Therefore, if you realize that he has itchy skin, dull coat, and his underbelly is red, he could be suffering from food allergy. Also, he may experience hair loss as a result of constant skin itchiness. All you need to do is to look your morkie closely and if notice that his underneath skin is dry, red or pink, and inflamed, as well as excessive scratching, it could be signs of food allergy.

  1. Watery Eyes

A morkie is a very friendly and passionate dog to play with. Your eye contact with him creates a strong bond between the two of you, and this makes it easy for him to obey your commands. When you look at his eyes, you can tell when he is okay and when he is not and any sign of watery eyes is an indication of allergy. If your morkie is scratching his eyes from time to time, has goopy discharge that causes irritation and staining, it could be a confirmation of food allergy.

  1. Vomiting and Diarrhea

Even though morkies are small, they have a huge appetite but if you realize that he has a consistent diarrhea or vomits after eating, chances are that he is allergic to something in the diet which is enough proof of food allergy.

  1. Thinning Hair

Morkies have a soft but long coat. However, allergy can cause poor skin health making the morkie to scratch it from time to time which in turn makes the coat to thin. The thinned patches can appear anywhere but are mostly found on the elbows, face, and at the back which is a clear sign of food sensitivity.


Final Thoughts

Just like human beings, food allergy causes discomfort in your small dog. After realizing that your morkie is showing any of the above signs, you can do your best to see that the allergies are diagnosed with the prescribed treatment. However, you can do something to lower possible triggers and reduce the discomfort by placing him on a blended diet. For instance, you can opt for a blend of plain rice and white-breast chicken meat, homemade Remedies and give him for 1 to 2 weeks, to give his body a break from the allergen.


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    What do I do for my Morkie if I notice the red underbelly? Does this always warrant a vet visit? Is it something I can do at home?

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