How To Train Morkie Dog Not To Bark 3 Brilliant Ways

August 16, 2018
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Most of morkie dog lovers wants to learn how to train stop morkie barking. Because sometimes it really hard to maintain this situation. A morkie is an exquisite blend of the Yorkie and the Maltese breed. Despite most dogs having fur on their skin, these breed of dogs has hair hence suitable for people allergic to animal fur. Morkies come in different color shades that is; tan morkie, white morkie, brown morkie, black morkie, and tri-tan white morkies.

Just like all other pets, during young age, a morkie puppy needs to be trained on several aspects of life to help promote a good environment for both you and your pet. Fields that you need to coach your puppy on include.

When to bark and when not to bark, obedience to your commands, effective and efficient housebreaking and how to get fond of his spot or cage? Although it might be somewhat mind-numbing at the beginning, training your puppy  comes in handy.



Facts Concerning Morkie Barking

At the first 4-5 weeks of their lives, morkies don’t bark. This time is spent sleeping and nursing. Barking begins a little later especially when the morkie puppy starts playing. At the age of approximately 6-9 weeks, your puppy is all grown, more playful at this stage the morkie starts barking confidently and more frequent. Gradually the barking becomes monotonous and annoying and for this reason, training your puppy not to bark at an earlier stage becomes vital.


Why Puppies Bark

Before we embark on how to train your morkie not to bark, it is essential to identify why they bark. Morkies bark for numerous reasons among them being:

  • They want to play
  • They are lonely and bored
  • They are angry or frustrated
  • They are craving for attention
  • They need to move outside

At times your puppy will just bark just to have fun, make noise and to hear the sound of his own voice. With age, your morkie feels more comfortable being around the house, and barks to mark their territory and also to alert you of incoming visitors.

For some reasons, the barking is vital, and for some, it is just annoying. Taking an example, when your morkie is barking out of frustration, let’s say his toy has flipped of and it’s far within his reach example, under furniture, it is vital for you to solve the problem. Get him his toy, solves his needs, and the barking will subside.

In other instances, your morkie may just bark for no apparent reason. It is for this reason that it is essential to teach him not to bark.



How To Train Morkie Dog Not to Bark Using This Tricks


1) Water Pistol or Spray Bottle

Puppies especially morkies hate to be water sprayed on their facial area. Due to this, it gives you an advantage of using water. Purchase some spray bottles or water pistols and position them in your house in easily accessible areas.

When your morkie exasperatedly barks, squirt him with the water on his face accompanied by a firm, authoritative words such as ‘No,’ ‘Quiet’ or ‘Stop.’ While doing this, do not soak him, you are just training him in a friendly way, and it should not come out as mean. After he is quiet, appreciate him with by praising him or giving him a good dog treat like a hug or tickling him.


2) Shake Cans

This is simple and a friendly way of training your morkie not to bark. You can create some noise by half filling pennies in an empty soft drink bottle or an empty can and shake it. When your morkie barks, shake the can. These pennies produce a loud rattling sound that deters the puppy from barking. After he is silent, praise him and give him a good treat for being quiet.


3) Citronella Spray

Just like most dogs, morkies hate citronella smell. When the above methods fail, you can try investing in an anti-bark collar than consist of citronella spray. Place this collar on your puppy’s neck.

Once the puppy barks, a can fill with citronella squirts some of this liquid on your puppies nose. This smell automatically stops the puppy from barking.

After he is silent reward him. This method should be used when the above two ways cannot deter your morkie puppy from barking. It should not often be used because it can cause emotional disorder and disorientation to your puppy.



When your puppy barks again for no apparent reason, repeat either the first or the second method. After a while, the barking will deter, and your morkie will learn to be quiet. With these methods, it is essential to keep in mind that you are training your dog out of love and attention and not to punish him. Providing him with appraisals and gifts when he stops barking is essential since it creates the notion that he is a good puppy and he should learn to follow your commands.

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