How To Stop Morkie Peeing On My Floor?

August 16, 2018
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The Morkies are a breed of intelligent and active dogs that are suitable for suitable for living in the farm, a small apartment and in any environment of that caliber. However, frustratingly, they tend to be difficult to housebreak, resulting in negative feelings and frustrations. To stop Morkie peeing on your floor train crate your Morkie by creating a positive environment for him and give him enough times that he can do is business outside.

It should be your responsibility of being friendly and give him a conducive environment to learn the things you want him to learn especially when it comes to housebreaking behaviors. Failure to do it will result in chaos where your house will have an awful odor that might be embarrassing especially when you have visitors. Everyone wants to make their Morkie adorable that would make people want to have him around or even think of owning one.


Training Guide Morkie Peeing

Step 1 – Housebreaking

During housebreaking, you should have a crate with an appropriate size while at the same time very comfy and comfortable. The crate could be a commercial crate for a pet that you will buy or a cardboard box that has enough space where the dog can turn with ease while at the same time it can lie comfortably. To make him feel safe, it is important to have his favorite toy and blanket inside the crate and ensure he has fresh water at all times.

You should make sure that the Morkie remains in the crate at all times and he is out only when it is walk time, playtime or when feeding him. Wild dogs tend to look for dens that are comfortable to sleep in and relax. Therefore, for your dog to feel safe and comfortable, make sure that the crate is well-prepared. It is very unlikely for dogs to sleep on the spot where they sleep. Dogs are so much into comfort, no wonder they choose the best spots to sleep or a den for their children. These spots are warm and secure for them and the children.

Step 2 – Follow Time Schedule


Establishing a regular schedule is important. After you wake up, take Morkie to the toilet sport, after meals, every two hours over the day and before bedtime. The location of the toilet spot can be set to be an indoor litter box, a particular place outside or a potty pat that are sold in the pet stores. To make him associate that spot with peeing, you should take him to that same toiled area at the beginning of every week.

Soonest he takes a pee at that spot, you praise him, and probably a treat is followed possibly by an extended walk. In psychology, this is called positive reinforcement that culminates in the Morkie developing a positive association with peeing in that particular sport. Make sure to walk the pert for an hour or two every day.

Step 3 – Potty Pad

After two weeks, you can now put an end to crate training and allow the dog to roam around the house. He should be in a position to do his peeing outside the house by this time or in the potty pad or the designated litter box. However, it would do no harm if you left the crate available so that he is at liberty to get some rest there for leisure. Studies have shown that dogs tend to choose a specific spot that they opt to be their personal den.

Even if the dog does not choose the crate as the personal den, you can have the favorite toy and blanket placed in the place he chooses. If you are not comfortable with the spot, you can place an obstacle so that the dog will choose another spot that you are in favor of.

Step 4 – Rules

If he has an accident and does pee on another place, scolds him immediately. It can be done by taking him to spot where he has peed by accident and scold him with an assertive “NO.” Immediately the accidental peeing has happened, and you have scolded him, you should take him directly to his peeing area.

Revoking privileges, hitting your pet or screaming and yelling are not good measures to carry out the punishment for your dog. Applying effective measures is what would be instrumental in ensuring the dog will always pee in the designated spot.

Step 5 – Personal Train

You should thoroughly clean all the spots he has peed accidentally using white vinegar and paper towels to make sure that the feces and urine odors are eliminated completely. Experts say that dogs tend to return to the sports that have their personal order. This is attributed to the fact that they will tend to identify the place and might believe that it is the place where it does its personal business. Ensuring that there is no other spot with the same odor apart from the designated part ensures that it will go that toilet only.

In conclusion

As the Morkie owner you should responsible for the behaviors of your dog. Bearing that in mind, you should focus on being vigilant in imparting him with the behavior that you consider correct stop Morkie from peeing on your floor. The first step is to give him a place that is comfortable to sleep in, be it a wooden box or a crate. The crate should be spacious enough.

After giving him a comfortable, spacious spot, next is to train him through maintaining a regular schedule. Like that time to eat, time for a walk, play, walk and peeing should be done on a regular basis so that it sticks in his head.

After two weeks, the pet can be taken outside the crate, now that your Morkie has mastered where to do his business. You should scold him when he accidentally pees at a different spot. When your Morkie pees on a different spot, you should clean it thoroughly so that he does not go back there for his next business.

The effectiveness of the peeing training session is based on the effectiveness of how you communicate with your Morkie. There is no need to scream at him. You should be strict and assertive if he accidentally pees and commends him when he does something good.

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