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5 Best Morkie Dog Training Apps iPhone Lovers

August 15, 2018
Best Morkie Dog Training Apps iPhone , iPhone Apps, Dogs Training Apps for iPhone

Dogs have become part of human existence. Morkies, for instance, are small dogs so passionate about people and relate well with other pets. This makes it convenient for any dog lover to adopt him. One thing for sure is that everybody wants their morkies to be trained, or they take it as their responsibility to train them.

If you like doing things by yourself, the digital world we are living in gives you a reason to smile because you can excellently train your dog using an app.

There are different apps that make training your morkie a hassle-free activity. If you are still gazing your eyes on the sky wondering what these apps could be, we have good news and here are top five best morkie dog training apps iPhone for apple users .


Lets Talk About Best Morkie Dog Training Apps iPhone Below

  1. iClicker

Even though morkies are highly intelligent, training them is easy but requires patience. They are naturally stubborn and require positive reinforcement, but iClicker is a perfect iPhone app to train him. The iClicker clicker training is fast, fun, and effective. Clicker training is used to train your morkie on solving behavior problems, tricks, and advance obedience.

Even though it is easy to train, the results are always amazing. You are required to charge it whenever necessary and experience the easy and fun interface that has been designed for use with iPhone with a full retina support.

The app comes with an animated clicker containing a volume control and a realistic clicking sound. It also has clicker training tutorials that give you an easy to follow instructions on how to use it effectively to train your morkie. More to that, you are given the instructions on how to use the app, charge the clicker, the treats to use on your dog, and the basic obedience.

If you love watching more than reading, this app gives you a reason to smile with its in-depth clicker training videos that show you everything on how to train your morkie. It comes with a noise box that contains 48 well chosen and engaging sounds that dogs can react to, such as dogs barking, doorbells, thunder, various birds and rats, fireworks, and dog toy squeaks that help you to have fun with your dog during training. iClicker is free on the Apple App store.

  1. Dog whistler

A dog whistle is simply a type of whistle that produces sounds in the ultrasonic range that animals can hear but people can’t. Dog whistles usually don’t produce loud noise for human-like normal whistles, and this makes them perfect to train a morkie or command him without necessarily disturbing people around.

A dog whistle comes with amazing features that allow dog owners to use them in gathering the attention of a dog or inflicting pain as a way of modifying his behaviors.

This app is currently used by more than 30 million users across the globe who have so much to say about it. With this whistle, you can initiate different frequency sounds through the dog whistle interface.

It also has a new feature that allows you to create a ringtone from any frequency. It comes with a built-in slider that allows you to choose the desired frequency in the dog whistle. There are various sound patterns to choose from within the dog whistle, such as;

  • Tone
  • Short Beeps
  • Long beeps
  • Slow to fast Oscillation
  • Static

Also, the new add-on allows you to create a ringtone from your desired frequency. You can also prefer using preset frequency in the dog whistle and share it successfully with your friends in the social media. The app comes with a new alarm feature with a repeat mode that automatically activates an alarm upon detecting a motion every time it resets.

For example, if you are training your morkie to stay away from the couch, place the iPhone on it and as soon as the dog jumps on the couch, the alarm will be activated for a preset amount of time. The alarm will thereafter reset so that when your small morkie jumps on the couch the second time, it will resound the alarm. This app is free on Apple App store.

  1. Puppy coach 101

A morkie is an adorable dog. He gets attached to his owner and loves being around him all the time. He is also very barky and can bark the entire day if left alone. With this in mind, you can train your morkie puppy to become a loving part of the household by using the puppy coach 101 iPhone App. It comes with more than thirty video clips with different amazing training ideas that help you realize how puppies learn.

These video clips cover crate training, teaching sits, house training, biting & nipping, coming when called, among others. The app is easy to navigate thanks to its user-friendly interface with retina-display optimized graphics.

The videos come with color-coded icons that distinguish the already watched from the ones you have not watched, and important key away points are well outlined for every topic you watch. You can watch as you train your morkie thanks to the bite-size format the instructions come with. Also, the app respects the mute toggle setting that allows muting or unmuting the sound depending on your preference. Puppy coach 101 is available on Apple App store for $2.99.

  1. Dog Training Sounds

Dog training sounds is an app that contains more than fifty sounds that can help you deal with sound phobias your small morkie could be experiencing. These sounds are real and are meant to prevent and treat sound phobias in dogs. The app has six divisions of sounds such as transport, household, people, bangs, weather, and animals.

Given that morkies spend most of their time with the owners, it makes it easier to detect which sound he is afraid of and use the appropriate category and play it through a home theatre for techniques that have been proven to prevent sound phobias for your morkie.

And given that morkies bark at almost any sound, you can use this app to control him and have a silent and peaceful environment. Users who have used it will testify that no matter how great the sound is, this app can excellently help your dog to manage it. Dog training sounds app is free on Apple App store.

  1. Pro Plan P5 Dog Training App

Pro Plan P5 Dog Training App is a no-nonsense app perfect for training morkies. As stated earlier, morkies are family-oriented dogs and you will always find him in the house even when you have hosted visitors of all kinds.

However, with this app, you do not have to worry that your morkie might misbehave and cause embarrassment, as it comes with videos that ensure you use the right techniques to train your dog and activity-tracking that allows you to look back and see what you have been doing.

The app comes with different training lessons from simple to more complicated, and therefore, you can use it to teach your morkie how to sit and obey other commands and even when you are holding a party in your house, he will obey everything you tell him. As the owner, P5 gives you points and rewards for all the goals you have reached and it’s free in the Apple App store.

Final Thoughts

We are in the 21st century and technology is at its best and you can do almost everything at the touch of a button. If you are so passionate about dogs, morkies can be a perfect companion. However, they can be stressful at times, but the technology is here to ensure that everything becomes easy for you.

With the above best smart morkie dog training apps, you can excellently train your favorite morkie and you will definitely have something to smile about.

Most importantly, don’t forget to appreciate the technology and the developers by leaving your review on the app according to your experience.

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