How To Clean Morkie Tear Stains From Eyes Naturally

August 15, 2018
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Any dog owner will tell you that one thing they have to battle out the most in their lives as dog owners are tear stains and morkie owners are no exception. Also known as poodle eyes, morkie tear stains are the terrible brown-reddish stains around your pooch’s eyes and sometimes if not handled with the urgency they require may extend up to the muzzle. They are quite a pain to remove and are caused by an array of factors. The most common culprits include;

  • Stress
  • Poor quality
  • Genes
  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Ear infections
  • Drugs
  • Incredibly small tear duct openings
  • Abnormally large tear glands.

Fortunately, you don’t have to let this tear stains be the flaw in the beauty of your adorable, affectionate and intelligent mass of fluff as there are steps you can take to get rid of them. To help you get your Morkie’s perfect look back, we compiled a list of tips on how to clean tear stains from morkie eyes naturally.



Make it Part of Your Routine to Clean Morkie Tear Stains Eyes Every Day

Just like you’ve made it part of your everyday routine to take a shower, make it part of your schedule to clean Morkie’s eyes every day. In fact if possible do it twice a day. This not only prevents them from sticking and becoming hard to remove but also helps get rid of unwanted bacteria and germs that find tear stains an ideal breeding ground.

However, avoid using a damp cloth as it may make Morkie recoil from being cleaned. Instead, use a moist sponge or piece of fabric to get the job done. Also ensure it is at room temperature, to make your Morkie as comfortable as possible so that it can be looking forward to these clean up every day (dogs are routine animals).

If they are incredibly hard to remove, use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water and gently swab over the stain. However be careful not to get it into Fido’s eyes. Additionally, don’t use too much of the peroxide. It should be approximately ten percent of the solution.


Get the Hair Out of the Way

As shown earlier, one of the main culprits for tear stains is ingrown eyelashes. These often irritate the eyes of your Morkie causing them to tear up, and when these tears dry up, you are left with ugly stains around the eyes. Additionally, Morkies are naturally fluffy, and sometimes the hair around their face tends to overgrow to the point that it starts irritating Fido’s eyes. To cope with the irritation, your Morkie will tear up which again leaves tear stains.

Therefore another natural way to get rid of this menace is to cut the unwanted hair. You can buy a pair of special Fido groomer scissors, or if you feel you lack the skill and might hurt your Morkie in the process, then it is more advisable to let a skilled groomer handle the job for you. Furthermore, getting the hair out of the way makes it easy for you to be carrying out the first step on our how to clean tear stains from morkie eyes naturally list.


Don’t Forget the Diet

Our primary aim here is to make the process of removing tear stains from your pooch’s eyes as natural as possible. Therefore, your first area of focus should be on what you feed your Morkie. This does not necessarily mean you alter the entire diet. In fact, you don’t have to change Fido’s diet at all. What you need to do is try and add something natural to your Morkie’s food.

Dogs love coconut oil, and Morkies are also part of this group. In respect to that, add a few drops of coconut oil into Morkie’s food and mix it. Alternatively, you can also use buttermilk powder or apple cider vinegar and integrate the other methods shown below for better results.


Things To Avoid Clean

As mentioned earlier, there are various causes to tear stains, and as such, you should do your best to avoid them. Prevention is better than cure anyway. Take a look at some of the things you should avoid.

  • Low-Quality Food

Morkies have quite sensitive stomachs and as such, mediocre quality food contains a lot of artificial preservatives and additives. Such components often tend to trigger allergies easily. Your Morkie primary response to such allergies will be excessive tearing resulting in hectic stains.

Therefore, don’t just go picking any food you come across because it is labeled dog food. Ensure you stick to top-rated brands and if you want to change your Morkie’s diet go the extra mile by looking at customer reviews online.

  • Tap water

It is easy to assume that just because you’ve been taking tap water for the longest time now, it is good for your morkie. Well, you are in for a shock. If you want to remove tear stains from your morkie eyes naturally, then you should steer away from tap water. It often has a high mineral count and sometimes even contains chemicals and toxins which cause such staining.

Even though your body can handle such chemicals well, your Morkie’s stomach cannot. Therefore, avoid tap water and switch your Morkie to filtered water and the results will wow you.

  • Plastic bowls and containers

Plastic bowls are often manufactured using dyes and materials which as the bowl wear out tend to leave toxins in your dog’s food or water. Therefore, avoid them and opt for stainless steel containers for feeding purposes. Besides tear staining, plastic bowls often cause a host of other problems such as a dry nose and facial hair discoloration.


Final Thoughts

You no longer have to keep up with funky looking stains on your Morkie’s eyes that make it look like you are being an irresponsible Morkie parent. Combining the above tips will help you achieve the best results without having to spend on expensive tear stain removal products. There are over a gazillion treatment out there, and no one treatment works for everyone, so the best option is to take the natural path as shown above.


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