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Best Morkie Grooming Products Review 2024

August 15, 2018
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Dogs have become part of human existence and they spend more time with human beings than they spend with other pets. That being the case, the desire of every dog owner is to keep his or her dog as clean as possible. Even though dogs are different, grooming is almost the same. If taking morkies for instance, you must keep in mind that they are a cross breeds of Yorkie and Maltese dogs. Therefore, they possess the characteristics from both breeds which include the coat type. Their coats grow long and fast meaning that they require a lot of attention in grooming to ensure that their coats remain as attractive as always. Dog professionals recommend starting grooming your dog as a puppy, and as it grows from one stage to another, it will be used to being cleaned and brushed. If you are a dog lover and want the best of your dog, here is the best morkie grooming products to keep your small companion stunning.


Reviews Of Best Morkie Grooming Products List

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner

Many people choose a shampoo based on price and smell and to say the least, that’s where they get it all wrong. Just like the way you choose your lotion, you should do the same for your small companion. That means that when you go to the mall to buy a shampoo for your dog, pick a quality one capable of taking care of your dog’s coat and skin.

Look for specialty ingredients and essential oils that would work excellently on the type of coat and skin of your dog. When you make the right choice on shampoo, you will have no reason to worry as a result of a dry coat, dry skin, shedding, and tangles, and it could be no other than Caroline’s Doggie Sudz Natural shampoo.

  1. Detangle Spray

As stated earlier, morkies are known as small dogs with long hairs. Therefore, a detangle spray and comb is a must-have product if you want your small companion to look great all the time. Select the best detangle spray such as True-blue Easy Comb Detangling Spray which is botanically blend with lavender and aloe capable of removing tangles and creating a smooth and skinny coat. Most importantly choose a comb that will excellently prevent and remove mats from your best dog.

  1. Nail Clippers

Your morkie is a small dog but requires a lot of attention. You should clip his nails once a week to keep him appealing. You must be keen when trimming to avoid cutting too short as this might interfere with the blood vessels that transport the blood to the nails thereby causing pain and excess bleeding on your dog.

There are many nail clipping products in the market but I recommend guillotine clippers which are ideal for small dogs such as morkies and work excellently in slicing off the end of the nails. All you need to do is to place the end of your dog’s nails through the ring and then squeeze the handle.

  1. Brush

It is recommendable to start grooming your morkie puppies as young as three weeks old, as this introduces him to future grooming. A brush is a perfect product to use on him. As he sleeps on your lap, cuddle him with one hand and use the other hand to do a gentle brushing using a Oster 2-in-1 Combo Brush. The reason why I recommend Oster 2-in-1 Combo Brush is because you can use one side to remove dead hairs and the other to remove dirt and dander.

For puppies, soft puppy brush is recommended. For effectiveness, leave brushes around and when your morkie puppy plays around, he will get used to them. When you realize that your puppies stands and sits for brushing, reward him accordingly.

As your morkie grows, learn to brush him daily to prevent tangles as well as removing dirt, dead hair, and dandruff. Regular brushing is also a sure way of distributing natural hairs through his coat to keep it shiny, and a pin brush can do all this.

  1. Grooming Scissors

As stated, morkies have long hairs and the ones in the forehead can get into his eyes causing tears which in turn stain the hairs. Use small grooming scissors such as Pet Magasin Pet Thinning Shears to trim the hairs from his face to ensure that no hair irritates his eyes. These scissors are also perfectly used to remove tangles and mats that brush cannot remove.

  1. Grooming Gloves and Towel

Mikki Grooming gloves have circular protrusions perfect for creating a massaging effect as you cuddle your Morkie’s coat to remove loose hairs. The protrusions also cause friction between the coat and the gloves thereby stimulating the skin. You are supposed to clean your morkie once in a week and after every wash, shampoo him, rinse his coat, and dry him using a soft grooming towel with long but gentle wipes. It is advisable to wipe him in the direction of the hair growth to prevent mats and knots in the hair. Always remember to comb your Morkie’s hair back into shape when drying.

  1. Professional Grooming Table at Home use

A professional grooming table at home use is important equipment used for trimming your Morkie’s nails and demitting his hair. Choosing your grooming table depends on your requirements and needs and you may opt for the one with a noose, arm, and loops. You can never go wrong when you choose Flying Pig Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grooming table that keep your dogs steady, safe, and still, and also make your life easier especially when using your grooming tools. When picking a grooming table, invest in the best quality tables that cannot harm you’re back keeping in mind the size and type. A folding table, for instance, provides the necessary strength and great value for money. The grooming table you choose must be big enough to fit the dog on the table surface either laying down or sitting.

  1. Ear Cleaning Product

Your Morkie’s ears might get funky leading to real problems if not cared for. That’s why you should choose the best ear cleaning product, and we recommend Espree ear care cleaner for your morkie. Espree ear care cleaner is a blend of Eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint oils perfect in removing dirt and debris from your dog’s ears and restoring its health and natural balance. This product comes from a 100%organically grown aloe Vera and it’s safe with flea treatments.

  1. Portable Bath Tools

Morkies are family-oriented dogs. They love their owners and will always sleep on your lap and lick your face. In one way or the other, you will find yourself holding him and that’s why it’s important to bath him at least twice a week. Bissell Bark Bath Portable Dog Bath System makes cleaning easier and fast. It is a vacuum-style bathing system that makes it easier for you to wash your dog from anywhere.

The Bissell bark bath sprays water and shampoo the skin of your dog after which, it sucks the remaining shampoo and dries the water making the bath time easy and fast. It comes with a microfiber sound-dampening cover, portable bath unit, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a bath tool and storage bag perfect for making the cleaning experience one of a kind.

  1. Eye Solution

Your morkie is so passionate about you because he sees you as you are. Therefore, it is important to keep his eyes clean and you can never go wrong by choosing Veterinary plus All Animal Antimicrobial Ophthalmic Gel. This solution takes care of your dog by relieving redness in his eyes and reducing any irritation as a result of morkie dog allergies. If you care so much about your morkie, you can use this solution to prevent any eye issues, keep morkie eyes clean, relieve your dog’s burning eyes, and it’s safe to use on your puppy through maturity.

Final thoughts

Morkies are family oriented dogs. They are a good companion and to make them part of the family, grooming them regularly is crucial. The above grooming products will care about your dog to ensure that he is always clean and appealing. When used correctly, they give you an opportunity to play around with your dog and walk with him along the neighborhood without any embarrassment.

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